Olde Country Lucky Lotto Raffle Tickets

Our Olde Country Lucky Lotto scratch off raffle tickets are unique because all the tickets are priced differently. To determine the donation for each ticket the buyer must scratch a spot to reveal the cost of that ticket. There are four versions of this Lucky Lotto ticket with profits ranging from $50.00 to as high as $125.00 per seller! Our most popular Olde Country Lucky Lotto book has tickets that range in price from Free to $3.00. One half of the tickets in that book sell for $1.00 or less. There are other higher profit ticket books with the cost of a ticket higher than $3.00.

Prizes can be awarded either by a raffle at your field or another public location of your choice, or you can also base your prize winner(s) on the Daily Lottery Drawing. More information of this ticket can be found on our Olde Country Lucky Lotto Profit Comparison Page.

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